About us

We have been exporting Fresh Ginger to various countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Pakistan and, etc. for over10 years.

Furthermore, we can provide various certificates like CO (Certificate of Origin), Fumigation Certificate, Phytosanitary Certificate and so on for Fresh Ginger.

We also have another shipping company to operate trucks, customs, sea freight, and air freight. Therefore, you can contact us as a one-stop service for serving products to you smoothly.


We aim to serve high-quality products with all processes for providing maximum customer satisfaction.
We focus on taking care of customers from decision making to after-sales service for the trust.

We target to expand our products to various countries.


– Fulfilling customers’ needs and expectations.
– Flexibility to meet all requirements.
– Building customer satisfaction, loyalty, and trust.
– Providing products as a one-stop service from the factory to customers seamlessly.
– Achieving long-term profit and growth.

Executive Message

Nowadays, users are concerned about health increasingly. Therefore, we realize the product that can serve customers for being good quality and being punctual delivery.

In addition; after arriving cargoes at the port, we really realize that requested documents are significant such as Certificate of Origin, Phytosanitary, Fumigation, and so on for being customs clearance smoothly.